We accompany clients in designing a strategy. Then we measure the actual results.

Best Practice Analysis

During the digitalisation of processes, for the realisation of a digital system for start-ups and companies, it is good to start by studying similar solutions that are already available. All ideas are discussed with the customer in a guided process of creativity and innovation.


Goals and Whys

Involving the customer to explain us the reasons why they want to use digitalisation allows us to understand their objectives and propose new solutions without just passively implementing the ideas provided to us.



Mapping, visualising and understanding processes makes it possible to clarify how a company is working or how a user will use a digital application. We can use informal descriptions or specific languages such as UML sequence diagrams.


Business model

We help companies change existing business models or design completely new ones through digitalisation.

We accompany start-ups to design profitable, sustainable and, if possible, super-scalable business models.


Value Proposition Design

The heart of Value is about using the Value Proposition canvas to design and test great value proposition in iterative search for what customer want.



It is important to know how to do but also to let people know. A great idea without good communication runs the risk of remaining stuck in the hands of the entrepreneur.

Online marketing enables the measurement and development of customer relationships in new ways. As Seth Godin says: ‘normal companies build products, smart companies build communities’.