Who we are

Twenty years of growth and innovation: from the victory at Start Cup in Udine in 2003 to experiments in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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Roots in research

infoFactory was born as a spin-off from the artificial intelligence laboratory of the University of Udine, initially oriented mainly towards research activities. The laboratory group, initially specialized in algorithms and methodologies for semantic text analysis, explored various fields such as semantic networks, automatic classification systems, clustering, sentiment analysis, algorithms for measuring uncertainty in a text, and systems for adaptive personalization of web content. The team has produced numerous scientific articles and two monographs. A first significant recognition was obtained with the victory at the Start Cup of Udine in 2003, a prestigious award conferred by Rita Levi Montalcini, which represented a fundamental catalyst for the subsequent foundation of the company.

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Development towards the market and services

After several years of close collaboration with the University of Udine on many research and development projects, infoFactory has gradually expanded its activities towards the private market. Over time, the company has developed Web Intelligence solutions focused on measuring the online reputation of brands and products, in addition to multiple web and mobile applications in various sectors. Among these we find documental Intranets, websites, communities, cartographic and 2D and 3D storytelling systems, tools for e-learning, web management systems, tourist portals, e-commerce platforms, digital publishing projects, Internet of Things software systems, and many others.

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The IoT sector

After carrying out several research projects focused on the development of digital platforms for the integration of heterogeneous home automation systems with Area Science Park, University of Udine, Rino Snaidero Foundation, Lake Side Park and University of Klagenfurt, infoFactory has begun to develop IoT mobile applications and Cloud systems for the management and monitoring of electronic products directly from smartphones. The projects carried out are based on a common thread: IoT can be used not only to manage the functionality of a product, but also to build a relationship between the end customer and the companies that produce the individual products.


The marketing sector

Today, InfoFactory not only develops customized web products for businesses, but also offers Digital Marketing services. Our mission is to help customers consolidate their online presence and enhance the performance of their own business.

We deal with the conception and implementation of multichannel digital strategies, aimed at optimizing the communication and positioning of our clients. We are deeply committed to the creation of advertising campaigns based on social platforms and Google and at the same time we take care of the 'SEO optimization' to improve the overall online positioning of companies.

We are aware of the importance of a strong and well-structured digital presence, and for this reason we strive to provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond product development, embracing a 360-degree vision for the online success of our clients.

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Connection with the academic world and training courses

The connection with the academic world has remained an important element.
Paolo Omero, the company's administrator, has been teaching at the University of Udine for almost twenty years. Over the years, the courses have covered many topics such as Web Technologies, Architectures and Networks, Web Design, Web Intelligence and Digital Publishing, Digital Marketing for Cultural Tourism. He is currently a contract professor for the courses "Web Applications" and "Business Information Systems" within the Bachelor's Degree in Management Engineering. The collaboration also extends to the Academy of Fine Arts in Udine, where he teaches the principles of web design.

Elisa Furlan, Project Manager and Designer, shares her experience teaching User Experience at the ABA Academy in Udine, and Planning and Design at the Friuli Training Consortium.

Marialuisa Antonini, Project Manager and Digital Strategist, teaches Web Analytics as part of the Master's in Digital Marketing at the University of Udine.

This synergy between our team and academic institutions reflects our commitment to continuous training and the enrichment of skills in the professional landscape.

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Evolution towards Generative AI

Today, infoFactory is strongly committed to integrating generative Artificial Intelligence into business processes. Using language models, such as GPT-4, we support companies in the digitization of "text-driven" processes, in the integration of language models into existing management systems, and in improving a team's productivity in daily activities.