The most important thing are people.

Some companies focus on machines, raw materials and energy.
We focus on people, competence and passion.


Technology and design are our toys.

Web applications, Mobile applications (native, hybrid, PWA), IoT systems, data dashboards, etc. Python, Django, Angular, Ionic, Flutter, Objective C, Kotlin, etc. If you like to see new things, you might find your environment with us.


Small teams, huge possibilities.

Each project is managed by a small team in an atmosphere where communication is rapid and progress is made quickly


A good place to grow up.

Our goal is to make you grow! The juniors are supervised by seniors (who are also often teachers) and involved in ever-changing projects to experiment with new technologies and environments.


We like to change and not get bored.

We deal with many different projects, every day you might have the opportunity to deal with our customers, take care of the development of a website or app or start something new and exciting.


A heterogeneous team is a strong team.

For us, the different attitudes, skills and qualities of everyone are an added value, thanks to which new ideas and solutions are often born.

We celebrate differences. Of any kind.


Different sectors, different projects.

The beauty of digitisation is that it is transversal. It applies to the most diverse sectors, from sport to food, via tourism and Industry 4.0.


You will not be hostage.

We assure you that you will not be forced to do the same things over and over again, to use old technology or to come to the office all the time. We care about safeguarding the sanity of our employees.


Imposter syndrome? Relax.

Not familiar with all the technologies we use? You do not yet have experience in the field?

No problem, we try to build a learning path where you will be supported by more experienced colleagues who will train you in everything you don't know yet.

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