We help companies use digital marketing tools and strategies.

Web listening.

Web intelligence activities to measure one’s brand, understand the market, analyse competitors and be more competitive.

- Reputation Management

- Brand Protection

- Event Monitoring

- Business Intelligence

- Technology monitoring

- Market and consumer behaviour analysis

- Tourism perception analysis


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Of the many options available, it is essential to choose those that will achieve the desired results.

- Competitor analysis

- Definition of objectives

- Estimating sustainability over time

- Definition of KPIs to be monitored

- Choosing the most suitable tools

- Creation of monitoring reports

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ADV & Landing.

Understanding the needs and requirements of potential customers, is essential to structuring an effective sales funnel

- Pay-per-click campaigns

- Social Advertising

- Landing pages dedicated to individual products and services

- Use of call-to-action

- Ongoing A/B testing

- Measurement and monitoring

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We also help clients establish their identity on social channels through customized content and copy.

Our approach starts with the tracking of user personas, proceeds with the identification of key trigger points, continues with the design of specific creative and text, and concludes with the scheduling and publication of content.

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Linkedin & B2B.

Contacting companies to enter into partnerships with is a process that must be carefully structured so as not to risk missing important opportunities.

- Selecting potentially interesting companies

- Researching the professional figures with whom to make contact

- Defining a contact worflow

- Preparation of messages

- Followup

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Online Events.

We manage different types of events both online and in hybrid mode (online and in-person). We use different types of platforms such as Zoom, Streamyard, and B2Match, and provide support both in the event design and throughout the event.

Among the activities we carry out:

- Platform activation;

- Contact with different speakers.

- Setting up streaming via social

- Recording of events.

- Interpreter and multilingual management

- Activation of backup measures and support

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