Custom marketing strategies for your success

Digital Strategy

Enter the digital world with a defined, measurable strategy built around your goals.

Working closely with your company, our team will be able to conduct a thorough analysis of your industry, market, and your clientele, transforming your goals into strategic KPIs: clear metrics that measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

We will help you stand out from your competitors and conquer your market.

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Social Advertising

If you wish to improve the performance of your e-commerce, acquire new contacts, increase your reputation on social media and your visibility, you can count on us.

Thanks to our experience in various social platforms, we will be able to select the most suitable solution to grow your business.
Each campaign is carefully studied, monitored and optimized to ensure the achievement of objectives.
Furthermore, we maintain active and continuous communication with you, providing maximum support at every stage of the process.

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Google Ads & Landing Page

Google Ads is essential for your business, our agency is ready to reveal the potential of this tool through:

1. Analysis: We will conduct a thorough analysis of the Google Ads account to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to be exploited to the fullest.

2. Strategy: Once we have identified the strengths and areas of intervention, we will create a tailor-made strategy to optimize existing campaigns or develop new and more effective ones.

3. Tracking: To ensure the success of campaigns, we will accurately configure conversions and use analysis tools to constantly monitor and improve performance.

4. If necessary, we develop dedicated landing pages, focused on attracting the user's attention and quickly guiding them towards the conversion action.

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Stand out among competitors and dominate searches on Google.

We will help you improve your visibility on Google, and we will do this through a process of in-depth analysis. We will carefully study the market in which you operate, also examining your competitors to identify the opportunities and challenges that await us. This data-driven approach will allow us to develop a targeted positioning strategy that will help you gain ground and stand out within your sector.

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Online Events

Manage your online events in the best way with our support

InfoFactory helps you manage your online or hybrid events, through the use of various platforms such as Zoom, Streamyard, and B2Match. In addition, we provide assistance both in the event planning phase and during the event itself.

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Web Listening

Discover the perception of your brand

We are able to gather valuable online information about your brand.

We monitor conversations, trends, and feedback, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your online presence and market position. We analyze opinions, reputation, and growth opportunities for your brand.

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