ChatGPT is an innovation that cannot be ignored.

We bring this change to your organization methodically: training, analysis of business processes, prototypes and experiments up to the development of complete projects.

The evolution of software

ChatGPT and the LLM language models are an invention or a discovery?

We move from software as a service to intelligence as a service.

The transition to large language models (LLM) represents a paradigm shift, marking the evolution from traditional software (packaged or in the cloud) and cloud services based on APIs, towards new purchasable and usable intelligences (artificial) as services.

OpenAI, Meta, Amazon and Google are trying to develop systems that surpass the limits of pre-programmed software to explore. That's why all the capabilities of the model cannot be known in advance but are discovered by using it. This is why some consider ChatGPT not as an invention but as aabilities that were not conceived by a developer and programmed into software, but that emerge from the complexity of the neural network.discovery

For the first time, we have an effective technology to digitize the text-based processes.

How to use chatGPT in the business processes based on text?

Production of marketing content

All text editing activities are now supported by AI systems. Producing marketing content has become simple and scalable, and new work processes have been well defined. I identify the keywords, obtain the variations of the user queries, and generate hundreds of articles automatically.

Management of Email Flows and Ticketing

We analyze a company's email flow, extract entities (sending company, order number, type of request, user emotion, etc.), make automatic requests to information systems (accounting, logistics, etc.), build data-rich support tickets and send them to the people who handle customer management.

Autoresponders and CRM

Users can make requests to AI agents who respond, vocally or via chat, taking into consideration only the company's knowledge base composed of documents, procedures, web pages, questions and answers from a call center, etc. No hallucinations!

Corporate Knowledge Base

Employees can also use a GPT4-based agent to quickly access company procedures and documents. We integrate language models into our Digital Workplace system for corporate intranets or into whatever we find in your organization.

Automatic Translations

We integrate GPT4 into our Content Management System. All content is automatically translated. The translation agency can enter the CMS and check the quality of the translations, give instructions to GPT on how to translate and which communication style to use.

Conversational E-commerce

Imagine having a salesperson who knows the product manuals, the expert's rules on how to use them, and user reviews. The user can ask for assistance from a digital expert at any time.

Data Journalism

It is possible to automatically write alerts and reports based on company data. We take data from corporate information systems and build emails or documents that are designed to be useful to various business functions: management, marketing, finance, operations, etc.

Document Intelligence

Automatic analysis of documents, automatic construction of quotes, classification of documents, auto-tagging, sentiment analysis for example of complaints, verification of documents and extraction of entities, etc.

Accompaniment: we bring this innovation into your organization with a structured method.

A 4-step method: training, design, experimentation, development.

Phase1. Training and creativity.

We start with a 4h+4h training course dedicated to corporate executives, salespeople, managers, and operators. What are the capabilities of these AIs? How can I apply them in the company? How should I innovate my business? What is the impact on the world of work? How can I use chatGPT and GPT4 well through Prompt Engineering techniques? etc.

Phase2. Collaborative Design.

During the course, many ideas will emerge on how to use chatGPT in your company. We will analyze together the ideas and processes in which chatGPT can be applied in your specific case.

Phase3. Experiments and prototypes.

We will carry out the first experiments, quick and inexpensive software prototypes useful for validating and experimenting with the digitization of the processes identified together.

Phase4. Development of complete systems.

Finally, we will develop complete systems in which business processes will be digitized by integrating the specific capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. The organization will have undergone a path of innovation and will be ready to continue even autonomously.

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