Real Estate Sector: Marketing Strategy for the Europare Agency

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Marketing Strategy for the Europare Agency



Infofactory has been responsible for developing a social and digital advertising strategy for Europare. The goal of this strategy is the increase in real estate sales and the consolidation of identity on digital channels.

Europare is a real estate agency that operates in the areas of Lignano and Bibione within the tourist real estate market.


After the first consultancy phase concerning digital marketing activities, the objectives and key activities were defined.

The approach planned an analysis of the existing website and the social channels already in use, both by the agency and its competitors.

Next, the target audience and Buyer Personas on which to base the content strategy were identified.

After developing the operational steps of the marketing strategy, the project was concluded with the analysis of the results.


The our approach

Website analysis

The website analysis of the agency was carried out with Google Analytics, thanks to which it is possible to get a overview of the traffic generated by the site.

Also, an analysis of the social channels was carried, taking into account the type of channel, the number of followers and the content published.

Istogramma dei canali di acquisizione

Audience & contents

Identifying the target audience and Buyer Personas is a fundamental step in identifying potential customers, on whom a customised communication strategy can then be structured.

This process made it possible to understand not only what to propose to different types of users but also how to do it.

Schema stilizzato con target e content strategy

Landing page creation

To implement the strategy, a specific landing page was created where the most relevant information was channelled and to which Google ads and part of the posts published on social accounts were directed.

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Google Ads campaign

A Google Ads campaign was launched with the aim of:

1. Giving maximum visibility to properties for sale;

2. Acquire new leads;

Through the use of SEO tools, keywords relevant to the Lignano and Bibione market were identified, which were then grouped into 4 different ad groups.

Immagini stilizzate di obiettivi, keyword e Ad groups

Facebook & Instagram

After defining the contents within the content strategy, we moved on to graphic design and the definition of a consistent visual identity.

Then each idea was transformed into organic content and planned within a PED.

Finally, the publication of each post was accompanied by a monitoring phase with the aim of modifying or improving the current strategy if the need arose.

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The results achieved through the following marketing strategy were:

1. Over 100 more contacts than before our intervention.

2. Twice as many contact forms filled in.

3. Increased visibility of content and pages, thus leading to greater awareness on social channels.

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